process-oriented management, business planning, agricultural enterprise, passive processes, active processes


The article considers some aspects of process-oriented management that can be used in business planning of agricultural enterprises. It is noted that the formation of the strategy of economic development of Ukraine in the postwar period involves, including the use of foreign experience of management systems of economic entities, the basis for ensuring the efficient operation and quality of which is the ISO 9001:2008 standard. This standard regulates the construction of enterprises and their management on the basis of a process approach.

It is proved that there is no universal approach that would be equally convenient when planning all types of business processes. An agricultural enterprise may need to choose different categories for use at different stages of business process modeling and for a variety of tasks, taking into account many factors. Some options for their use can still be systematized. If the model of the agricultural enterprise has a functional structure and the processes are not identified, you should use, for example, the category input / output view in the notation IDEF 0, or agent-related view in RAD. Input / output view is suitable for describing the vast majority of agricultural enterprises that have formal routes of internal communications, using some objects (documents, files, etc.). Then the processes can be investigated according to the movement of these objects within the organization. Agent-related view is suitable for describing the majority of agricultural enterprises with strictly defined responsibility for each action. Communication channels can be informal (phone calls, meetings, etc.). The identification of the process can begin with the compilation of a list of actions for each participant who plays a role in it. Processes are defined using workflow view or state-oriented view, or by using them simultaneously, which is better suited to express the details of each process of the non-manufacturing enterprise. Workflow can be used when there is some established order in which actions are completed in turn. If this order is difficult to establish, the state-oriented view is used. It documents the completion of results depending on the tasks for which they will be used, such as analysis and reengineering, construction of computer support, etc.


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