SMM, hotel, restaurant, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.


Advertising on social networks is a popular, affordable and relatively inexpensive means of promoting a hotel or restaurant. After gaining popularity on the company's social network page, there is no need to invest resources and funds in it. Such a page does not have to be run by a professional PR manager - it can be managed by any employee of the company, and in mini-hotels the owner himself. The article analyzes ways to use the capabilities of social networks and forms of work with their audience. It is determined that the advantages of SMM (Social Media Marketing) include: reaching a wide audience, several times lower than the cost of advertising in search engines, increasing the number of customers by increasing the number of visits to the company's website. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have been found to be the main social networks used to promote hotel and restaurant businesses. It has been found that social activity on Instagram is ten times higher than social activity on other popular social networks. The choice of a particular network to achieve maximum effectiveness of the advertising message depends on the characteristics of the target audience (gender, age, place of residence, interests, etc.). Facebook and Twitter, not Instagram, are best for advertising the hotel's business forum. The main forms of work with hotel or restaurant clients on social networks are competitions (which include photo reports, voting with likes and comments, receiving feedback, which helps to activate the audience) and publishing posts (which involves constant updating of information, support for two-way communication). publishing news, posting links to a website or blog, using hashtags, publishing photos and videos from the daily life of the company and events). Among the ways to use the capabilities of social networks - holding contests using selfies, geolocation functions and interactive interaction with the company's website.


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