• Inna Klimova Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University, Ukraine



food security, availability of food projects, agricultural products, principles of food security formation, coronavirus.


The article addresses the issue of food security from an economic standpoint, its main components are defined and characterized, the importance of its development is proved. The provision of food products is proved to be a central element of food security, four constituents of its structure are emphasized. The provision of food products is identified in three forms. Physical provision implies easy availability of essential products in the consumer market, economic provision includes the financial ability to obtain, and social provision defines minimal differentiation in consumption of major product groups among various segments of the population.

It has been found out that exploring possibilities of improving the living standard as well as solving practically all key functioning problems of the agro-industrial complex are focused on providing the population of the country with food. In this regard, food security holds a significant place in the life support of the society, since food availability serves as an essential condition for human livelihood. The basic mechanisms used by the state to ensure food security are discussed.  Favorable conditions, under which stable food security of the country and the region is possible, have been established.

The definition of the country's food security at the macroeconomic and microeconomic levels is presented. National features and threats to the impact of food security are reviewed.

It has been discussed that biological balancing, physical and economic food provision are crucial factors when ensuring individual and family food security for citizens of the country, regions, households and society as a whole. The main issues that may or already occur during quarantine are outlined along with the problems that agrarian manufacturers may face in a pandemic.



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