Digital tools, software, hospitality, automation, competitiveness, cost-effectiveness, management


The competitiveness of modern business is determined by the level of consumer accessibility to the final product. The sphere of hospitality is specific, since accessibility to a service or services determines the level of interest of guests in receiving them. Innovation has become the basis of the work of modern enterprises and a tool for their adaptation to functioning in crisis situations. The intensity of saturation of enterprises of hotel and restaurant business with digital innovations determines the convenience of the guest in obtaining services and in cooperation. The variety of software products available on the market of digital tools challenges the enterprise to choose the most convenient and appropriate software. It is important to investigate the level of need for digital tools for hospitality businesses and explore the available and most accessible of the entire range. To this end, the article assesses the dynamics of temporary accommodation services and catering provided by hospitality enterprises in Ukraine. In the process of studying the dynamics of the structure of services for temporary accommodation and catering provided by hospitality enterprises in Ukraine, positive changes were noted. In the process of studying software products on the market, it is noted that it is worth paying attention to Servio software products, which serve as the main tool for managing the hotel and restaurant business, and have a number of specialized modules. It is proposed to integrate the SERVIO POS software product into the business processes of the hotel and restaurant business, when using which the enterprise will receive an important tool for organizing a restaurant, cafe or bar management system. The article explores the functionality, possibilities and advantages of integrating the SERVIO POS software product into the activities of hospitality enterprises.

In the course of the study, it was found that the use of mobile applications of the Poket-line from SERVIO will provide an opportunity to improve the business activities of hospitality enterprises. The algorithm of using the SERVIO POS Pocket mobile application in the work of hospitality institutions is presented.

An important innovative tool for hotel management has been proposed for the operation of hotels - the multifunctional software product HMS. Main modules and functionality of HMS software are presented.

One of the types of digital settings for hospitality enterprises is the online module SERVIO HMS RESERVATION, which can be installed free of charge on the website of a hotel or other hospitality institution.

The article offers an algorithm for the use and functionality of the SERVIO HMS RESERVATION online module in the service system of hotel business enterprises.

It has been studied that the availability of online service forms an additional segment of the market and provides for additional economic benefits for hospitality enterprises.


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