Enterprise, business, immersive technologies, management system, marketing, economic effect, competitiveness.


The permeability of all spheres of both economic activity and human life with digital technologies encourages the search for new marketing ideas necessary for the implementation of the product (goods, works and services).  Today's consumer has become more demanding both to the product itself and to the ways of presenting it.  Immersive technologies are becoming one of the tools that contribute to the formation of competitive advantages, especially the organization of business in the field of entertainment, as one of the areas of additional income in the field of hotel and restaurant services and marketing activities of enterprises.  Digital transformation leads to the search for new initiatives that will be a tool to meet customer needs and a way to reach wider market segments.  The process of digitalization must first be integrated into the economy of the whole state and the enterprise as a whole, and in all processes of production of goods, works and services.  Digital-transformation of domestic enterprises will help to obtain additional competitive advantages both in the domestic market and in the international market.  The formation of competitive advantages is associated not only with the maximum involvement of digital technologies in business.  It is important to choose such technologies that will be most effective in the implementation of a particular type of enterprise, under certain conditions and in a particular environment.

The expediency of using immersive technologies as a marketing tool is undeniable.  However, in addition to tools, immersive technologies are important as a means of education, a separate milestone in the field of entertainment, a means of psychological influence and more.  That is, the impact of this tool on the level of competitiveness of the enterprise in the environment of the demanding consumer is manifested: in the form of reducing the cost of attracting the client; active covert promotion through their use; improving the quality of the presented product (goods, works, services); ensuring the elasticity of the enterprise to the needs and requirements of consumers; the transition of the enterprise to an innovative type of development and active digitalization.


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